Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve ... Eve

Alati's stolen sign :)
Christmas Eve is our family's gathering tradition. That way hubby and I get to hang out all day in our p.j.'s  and do whatever we want to do or not do, and it frees up the girls to go spend Christmas Day with the husband's family with no guilt or juggling. 

We also sneak in a very early Christmas Breakfast with just our kids. Every year they come to the house before the sun is up, still in their p.j.'s for breakfast and Santa   It's the very best part of Christmas! My Son in Law does all the cooking while we play with the grandsons. Don't know what it will be like when my daughter decides she wants to start doing the early mornings at her house.  I'm sure that day is coming the boys are getting older.  I guess I will know how my mom felt.  

Since about thanksgiving I have been struggling with the holiday fears of binge eating. It and gift giving has consumed most of my time, energy and holiday spirit.  Last year, we agreed (after I badgered) that if you were gifting to an adult it had to be home-made.  Well, that would have have been awesome if I would have started at the beginning of the year ... instead of sometime in November.  

I have had quite a few emotional ups and downs worrying about what do I do if I eat... What if mom makes ... What if there's this or that ? What if I eat dessert, will I gain everything back? What do I do if they bring See's candy? Fudge?  Instead of enjoying the season, which is my absolute favorite time of year, I have been obsessing about my weight and food! Not normal planning ... but obsessing!  

I love my embroidery machine!!!
Well as of this moment I'm done ...DONE!  

For the last 11 months I have had plenty of chances to eat off plan, sometimes I even planned to "cheat" but when the time came, it was pretty easy to choose the REAL food ... instead of the garbage!  I LIKE the REAL food better than the processed garbage food ... So as of this moment ... I'm going to stop fretting and enjoy!  I'm going to trust that I can and will make the right choices and if I don't ... Oh well, I am not going to let 1 meal de-rail me ... besides I threw all my big clothes away!!! LMAO

I'm going to enjoy the next 48 hours of this wonderful season with out worries about food! As of this moment ... its about spending quality time with my family! 

Now that my food issues have been put to rest ... Can I get a volunteer to come iron & wrap all these napkins? ... I'm tired!

Merry Christmas !


  1. I love them Feet!! If only I could iron I would be right over. My trick might work though: under the mattress stretched out at night, nice and flat in the morning haha

    1. Alati, I think I will have to try that sometime lol

  2. I stopped ironing in the 20th century, I think. LOL

    ENJOY the day, and trust yourself. :) Merry Christmas!

  3. Yep, I've learned that it's not the food on the table, but the people at the table that matter most. :D