Friday, December 19, 2014

I think I see toes

21 days until my one year mark.

January 10th ... you know I couldn't tell you what I was doing 2 weeks ago ... but I can tell you in detail about that day, January 10th, 2014 and the following 3 weeks.  It took me 3 weeks before I believed I would be able to actually live without eating bread, pasta or pizza! 

Every morning hubby and I would sit on the back porch with our morning coffee & smoke (yea yea I know.. anyway- stop judging ... one issue at a time lol) we had lots and lots of conversations about what we should do next ... expecting to fail ... like every other diet attempt.  But at about day 20 our conversations changed to what we were looking forward to the most.  How much we wanted to loose.  What did we think it would be like.  What would we do?

In the beginning we talked a lot about when we can eat such-n-such again ... and how we know we will have to be careful not to gain it all back.  Now our conversations are more like:

"Oh my god I didn't have to get a seat belt extender"
"Honey, have you noticed that the car feels bigger?"
"Go ahead and park there ... I don't mind walking"
"Ya want to go pick up the grandkids and go ... " 
"Damn it you bought another shirt?"  <-- me to hubby
"I need another bag for the donation clothes"

21 more days ...  I have a long way to go ... but who would have thought I would still be at it ... 21 more days!

Begin weight    278.8
Today's weight 214.4


  1. Way to go feet! You've done good!

  2. Excellent work!!! Now please make a 2015 resolution to give up smoking. :)

  3. Excellent!

    2015 is the year that I finally get my sexy back.

    Peace ~ Bear