Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Weigh Every Day

You check the gas gauge everyday!

Remember I told you I have a talking scale?

Well   she's a she ... I wouldn't let just anyone know my weight now would I?
I would not exactly call her my BFF, but I have become very fond of her.  She is very brave, fearless and honest.   I can always count on her to tell me like it is.  Unfortunately she can't be bribed or pleaded with.  I have tried!!! You can stomp on her ... you can kick and jump on  her ... even give her a good cussing ... but ... you have to respect a girl that stands behind her numbers even when they are not pleasant .... 

There is a lot of controversy to weigh or not ... and the consensus is certainly not daily. 

My hubby and I talked about this a lot ... we decided that for us we will weigh every day and use it as a guide to keep us on tract... but only count the weight on the first of the month.  It lets us know if we are on the right path.

Some days I will admit for a moment ... just a tiny moment I do get that tiny little voice... you know that evil one ... the one that has been whispering and telling me my entire life,  that I might as well quit nothings working and your starving yourself for nothing, you're gonna be fat forever ...

I'm trying to learn to whisper back ... liar liar pants on fire!!!

So What's different?

I'm 56 years old ... 

The first time I remember being "on a diet" I was in the 5th grade.  I can remember coming home from school at lunch time to eat with my mom.  We lived right next door to the school and I can remember hopping over the fence and mom would have lunch on the table.  Mom was always on a "Diet" and I guess from that point on ... so was I.

In 7th grade I even started going to the Weight Watcher meetings with mom and that summer we joined a gym.  I remember being so excited to start school ... I just knew that I would be different and life would be grand ... but I was still taller and bigger than everyone else, nothing was different.

Now a billion years later I'm still dieting.  Hmm I have been on Weight Watchers, Hollywood Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, The Grape Fruit Diet, I have done prescription Diet Pills, Non prescription Diet Pills, Shots,  I have done liquid diets,  Atkins, South Beach, Nutri-System, Slim Fast, Body by Vi,  blah blah blah and the list kept growing. I have at least 50 diet books on the shelf or in the kindle.  If it was low calorie, sugar free, fat free I bought it and I ate it, all of it. 

So what changed?  I read "part" of a book... yes part!  The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor.   And something and I'm not sure what ... just clicked ... I have always been on a diet ... I have always been fat!  I have always listened to those very people that were profiting from my being fat...

I put the book down and never finished it ... But on January 9th I cleaned out the pantry and freezer and said good bye to pre-made and boxed dinners.  I had bags and boxes of every kind of pasta that you could want. If  it said low-fat, fat free, diet or reduced it went in the bag too!

I think my husband thought I lost my mind, watching all that money being tossed out,  but bless his heart he said let's try this thing.

January 10th I weighed in at 278 lbs. 
2/1/14 - 268.4
3/1/14 - 265.6
4/1/14 - 261.4
5/1/14 - 251.2
6/1/14 - 247.0
7/1/14  -244.6
So what's different? I am!!! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I know they are there ...

I have a talking scale!

July 26, 2014

I'm 57 years old and I have had a lot of titles ... Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Wife, Mom, Bookkeeper, Manager,  Friend and finally ... Grandmother. Yes I am Ga-nny to the cutest most adorable precocious toddles you will ever meet.    I am blessed to have 2 wonderful daughters who are happily married to good guys, and I mean that.  Thirty Three  years ago I married a man and today he is my best friend!

 I love to read.  I love to scrapbook. I love all the bits and odd pieces.  I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy.  I enjoy long drives. I love country music.   My favorite thing is to entertain ... friends or family,  ... oh please ... pretty please, let me plan a party!!!  Ask me about my hubby's 40th birthday ... a surprise funeral!  Believe it or not I'm an introvert.   And don't forget OPINIONATED ... in capitol letters! Just ask me!!!!

But ... I'm fat!  I have been fat my entire adult life.  Until today I honestly thought I would be fat my entire life.  However,  today I touched my toes!  Yes I put my feet together and I bent over and I actually touched my toes. 

Guess what ??? I did not die trying!  I did not break I did not fall over!  And surprisingly my hubby did not laugh.  It felt good ... I touched them 19 more times ... and I made a discovery ... besides desperately needing a pedicure ... my cousins feet are better looking ... but shhh we are NOT going to tell her!!!  Someday I will have to tell you about that!   funny story.

 Back in January my little (300lb+) brother told me he was reading a book ... the Calorie Myth ... by Jonathan Bailor.  He was super excited ... said it just makes sense.  So I downloaded it from Amazon ... and forced myself to read it ... I will confess I would prefer to read Gone with the Wind again!!!  But he was right it did make sense ... so I talked to my hubby and told him we ARE GOING TO DO THIS! I'm sure he was thinking that okay this will last a week ... but hey guess what happened today ....

My talking scale said 237.2 lbs!!!  That's DOWN  ... 41.4 pounds!!!!  I still have a LONG LONG way to go ... but that is the direction I'm heading!!!  What's your journey?