Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Weigh Every Day

You check the gas gauge everyday!

Remember I told you I have a talking scale?

Well   she's a she ... I wouldn't let just anyone know my weight now would I?
I would not exactly call her my BFF, but I have become very fond of her.  She is very brave, fearless and honest.   I can always count on her to tell me like it is.  Unfortunately she can't be bribed or pleaded with.  I have tried!!! You can stomp on her ... you can kick and jump on  her ... even give her a good cussing ... but ... you have to respect a girl that stands behind her numbers even when they are not pleasant .... 

There is a lot of controversy to weigh or not ... and the consensus is certainly not daily. 

My hubby and I talked about this a lot ... we decided that for us we will weigh every day and use it as a guide to keep us on tract... but only count the weight on the first of the month.  It lets us know if we are on the right path.

Some days I will admit for a moment ... just a tiny moment I do get that tiny little voice... you know that evil one ... the one that has been whispering and telling me my entire life,  that I might as well quit nothings working and your starving yourself for nothing, you're gonna be fat forever ...

I'm trying to learn to whisper back ... liar liar pants on fire!!!


  1. Just remember...that little voice in your head is all effed up...missing the old days. But you've got this!

    I weigh every day as well. Similar to you, it's not for the number itself, but rather to help me gauge my direction. It's also helpful for those times when we aren't so on track - it helps me see what I can and cannot tolerate foodwise.

  2. You know I've never thought of my scale in that way but I also weigh everyday to help me keep on track.