Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So What's different?

I'm 56 years old ... 

The first time I remember being "on a diet" I was in the 5th grade.  I can remember coming home from school at lunch time to eat with my mom.  We lived right next door to the school and I can remember hopping over the fence and mom would have lunch on the table.  Mom was always on a "Diet" and I guess from that point on ... so was I.

In 7th grade I even started going to the Weight Watcher meetings with mom and that summer we joined a gym.  I remember being so excited to start school ... I just knew that I would be different and life would be grand ... but I was still taller and bigger than everyone else, nothing was different.

Now a billion years later I'm still dieting.  Hmm I have been on Weight Watchers, Hollywood Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, The Grape Fruit Diet, I have done prescription Diet Pills, Non prescription Diet Pills, Shots,  I have done liquid diets,  Atkins, South Beach, Nutri-System, Slim Fast, Body by Vi,  blah blah blah and the list kept growing. I have at least 50 diet books on the shelf or in the kindle.  If it was low calorie, sugar free, fat free I bought it and I ate it, all of it. 

So what changed?  I read "part" of a book... yes part!  The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor.   And something and I'm not sure what ... just clicked ... I have always been on a diet ... I have always been fat!  I have always listened to those very people that were profiting from my being fat...

I put the book down and never finished it ... But on January 9th I cleaned out the pantry and freezer and said good bye to pre-made and boxed dinners.  I had bags and boxes of every kind of pasta that you could want. If  it said low-fat, fat free, diet or reduced it went in the bag too!

I think my husband thought I lost my mind, watching all that money being tossed out,  but bless his heart he said let's try this thing.

January 10th I weighed in at 278 lbs. 
2/1/14 - 268.4
3/1/14 - 265.6
4/1/14 - 261.4
5/1/14 - 251.2
6/1/14 - 247.0
7/1/14  -244.6
So what's different? I am!!! 

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  1. We have a similar food/fat/diet history....and appear to have come to the same conclusion at about the same time.

    You're doing an incredible job Feet! Don't ever, ever forget your current mindset.