Friday, August 15, 2014

That's not me!

Hubby and I finally picked the carpet for the upstairs!  My favorite cousin is coming out next month to visit for my mom's 81st birthday.  So the push is on!!!  Our guest room is crammed full of Christmas decorations that never made it up to the attic... seems kinda silly to go ahead and put it up there now just to get down in 3 months.  So dragging it all back downstairs to the garage.

The good or maybe the  bad thing is we unblocked my "Other" closet.  You know that "Other" closet ... the one with all those clothes that you either couldn't wear or didn't wear but can't throw it out?

Every morning this week I have been peeking in to see if I have any treasures that I can finally fit ... My give away pile is really growing!  But I also have a new old/new wardrobe.  I had forgotten what all was stashed away in there. 

This morning I decided to just see if my skinny dress fit ... now skinny is a relative phrase... we are talking size 18.  I have not worn this dress for 22 years!  It FIT!  OMG!  It fit!  Do you know what this means?

Well down the stairs I pranced ... I twisted and turned ... and my sweet sweet husband gave me all the accolades that I felt I deserved!  He really is a wonderful man! I felt like a million dollars!

It just so happened that my daughter called and asked if I wanted to ride to work with her!  Perfect!  I was so excited I was out the door to greet her like a flash!  I twisted and turned and pranced and posed for the camera.

Then she showed me the picture.  My heart stopped.  That's not me!  That is not the way I looked wearing it before!  Who is that old fat woman?  Seriously what happened, that isn't the way I feel.

When I first started this post I was going to name it delusional, but I'm working at not allowing myself to self-talk my way into quitting again!   There is no failure allowed!

So ...

I am going to enjoy wearing this dress now because it won't be long before it too will be to big and have to go in to the donate pile!!! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

What happened?

My brother came and sat with me at the hospital all day Friday while my mom had a procedure done ... you remember my brother ... remember me telling you he called me all excited about a diet book he was reading?  Well he isn't doing so great.  He's even bigger than before.  He and my hubby started this "plan" right about the same time.  My hubby is down 75 pounds and sadly it looks like my baby brother found half of them.

I asked him what went wrong ... We talked and he said he knows what needs to be done ... but then he proceeded to tell me all about the obstacles and why he just couldn't do it.  How is wife won't do this ... so he couldn't do that ... We talked for about 2 hours with him justifying why he couldn't get started again.

It was very frustrating because I wanted to tell him he was so full of himself and to get over it ... but it also made me think very hard about my own self talk!  When you tell yourself over and over why you can't do something ... then you can't do it!  Every single reason he came up with was just an excuse.  I know because I use the same excuses!!!

One of his biggest excuses was by the time his wife gets off work and drives home she is exhausted and just wants to eat out.  Well my brother is semi-retired and when he does work he chooses his own hours and usually works from home so I asked him why he doesn't do the cooking. He was stunned "Every Night?"

That was my biggest excuse!  I work a full time job AND manage my "family" business.  I would usually be able to handle the housework and cooking up until mid week but by Thursday it was honey lets order pizza or stop on our way home.  The Chinese restaurant knew our order by heart ... the pizza delivery guys even knew our dog's name.

So I shared the one tip that has helped me keep straight and not resort to the drive thru.  I thought I would share with you and maybe you could share with me some of the tips you do that help keep you on target.

I have my groceries delivered (LOVE on Saturday.   Sunday is my one day of the week to splurge cook ... If it takes a lot of prep or more than one pan then it is cooked on Sunday.

Sunday is also veggie day ... yes all of those beautiful fresh veggies that were delivered on Saturday get bathed, chopped (or shredded) and then bagged. Then when I get home I just need to chop the steak, chicken or pork and start throwing in the chopped veggies!  Easy peasey stir fry all week long!  And depending on the veggie combo ... and spices thrown in ... different every time!