Thursday, August 7, 2014

Reminder to Self!

Eat Your Veggies!

Back in January when I decided that I needed to make some serious changes in my life, I really worried if this was going to be like all the "other" times.  I did not want this to be another New Year's Resolution failure.  So no telling anyone! Heaven forbid I fail and you call me on it!

So what to do?

I knew I would not:
Count Calories
Count Carbs

Weigh and Measure everything
Drink my Meals
Go Hungry

Face it I love food!  I love food in the morning and I love food in the evening and hours in between.  I love food in the kitchen, I love food in the car, I love food in the living room and I bet I would love food on the moon. 

Food is my addiction.  I love to eat and I love to feed people.  It's my social outlet.  Food is my comfort.  Food is my entertainment.  I'm thinking about food most of my waking hours.  What's for dinner?  What do I need from the grocery store?  What fast food is on the way? 

So if I wasn't going to quit eating that meant that I had to walk 20 miles a day???? I don't think so!!! Me?  Move? Let's all stand on our heads and hold our breath! Not gonna happen!

So how did I expect to change my body or my life if I wasn't willing to make real changes?  

wait for it ... it's a Light bulb moment!  





Okay so here it is in a nutshell ...
I eat vegetables!  Any vegetable except white potatoes and corn.
I eat fruit!   Fresh or frozen fruit with no sugar added.
I eat beef!  It doesn't have to be grass fed, but yes, for obvious reasons it is the better choice!
I eat pork!  I eat chicken!  I still don't eat fish other than canned tuna. Just don't like it. 
I eat lots of nuts ... cashews, walnuts and especially almonds
I eat eggs, cheese and even bacon. 
I drink a lot of Green Smoothies.
I drink a lot of water & green Ice Tea.
If it is made from or derived from corn, wheat or rice I try to avoid.
I avoid beans.  Well so far I do ... this fall will be Chile Season ... help?
If I have to have fast food ... I peel the bread off the patty and I eat it ... with a side-salad!

I have switched to Coconut Oil and have switched to Almond milk.

I don't know what diet or program you would call it ... but its working ...  At least it is for us.
Now what's for dinner?



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  1. That is all that matters is that it works for you and him.