Friday, December 12, 2014

Survived the Storm

Well if you have had the TV on all all this week I'm sure that you heard that we were expecting the Storm of the Year ... I watched on the news were people in our area were actually boarding up windows, piling sandbags, cutting trees ... nerves have been on edge ...  Schools closed ... for us,we had jobs cancel ... But I'm happy to announce that we survived! 

Saw this and had to share!

While it is a cute picture, I don't want to minimize the extent of damage that some people are having to deal with ... However in my immediate area we did have a few trees re-decorate a few homes and lots of street flooding ... prayers and positive thoughts for those that are having to deal with the aftermath ...  For me ... nothing but a few leaks here and there (rentals)... and fortunately have the roofer on speed dial. 

On the plus side ... I weighed this morning for the Holiday Scale Accountability Club and I'm thrilled to announce that yesterday's handling of that box of See's Candy did not have a lasting effect... I kinda expected a slight to moderate gain from just handling the box... Figured if I had actually opened it ... I would have had a 20 pound gain!  So today's weight is exactly the same as last week ... 216.2.  I'm content with that.  I'm in this for the long haul.  This is for life ... so for now I'm happy!


  1. Glad you didn't have much damage. Alabama seems to be storm city some years so I understand how bad it can be. Yay for no gains!

  2. YAY you! Glad to know that See's outer box handling does not equate to a gain. I'm sure at least 3 lbs. of those 4 lbs. of it will be there Tuesday when I get back to work. And God knows what will have been delivered Monday as well. LOL

    Glad you got out of that nasty storm unscathed, too. :)

  3. Glad to hear you weren't too affected by the weather. Also congrats on the WI. Yes, we must celebrate when we stay the same. After all it's not a gain!