Monday, December 15, 2014

I have a list

You would think I would know better! 

Friday night I skipped dinner ... completely lost track of time.  Hubby was enjoying a boys night out.  I got wrapped up with the embroidery machine ... BTW ... I love my machine!  Any way about 11:30  hubby got home ... with a couple of bags of Late July Corn Chips. 

I was just going upstairs to turn in when I spotted the chips ... With out thinking it through I opened the pretty blue bag and next thing you know I  did a nose dive ... seconds later ... seconds I tell you ... that bag was completely empty!   Not a crumb ... Nada!

Hubby walked back in the room ... did a double take ... and kinda smirked ... "I guess those go on the not allowed in the house list!" 

Now three days later ... I am unhappy to report I am still up 2.5 pounds.  I know better ... I know there are foods that I can not touch ... foods that I can not control... foods that control me.  There is no such thing as moderation... no such thing as just a bite. Someday maybe but I have not learned how to take a bite and be satisfied ... at this point I don't know if I ever will ... so Late July ... you are out of here! 


  1. Don't let the door hit you on the ass Late July! Lesson learned, dust it off and keep it going the scale will do its thing if you continue to do yours.Have a good week!

  2. You got this!! The only way I eat healthy consistently is just not having any processed food in the house. Wow. It's really forces you to eat veggies and fruit--and a lot of them! I've lost weight doing it without trying, so it's kinda cool:)

  3. Important lesson, wasn't it? Now as long as you APPLY that lesson, going forward....then kudos to you. I'm sure that you will. You get stronger every day. And remember, learning is a pendulum swinging. There are going to be a few missteps along the way. As long as they become valuable learning tools, that help you better tweak your path, it's okay. :)

    and maybe you need to tell Mr. Feet to keep that shit out of sight. Like I did Mr. Gwen the last time he brought cherry filled croissants in (last week.)

  4. I hear ya on the red light foods! Don't be too hard on yourself though... you did miss dinner which more than likely contributed to downing the chips!