Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The craft day that wasn't

So last Saturday was Kids Craft Day ...

80,000 Perler Beads

10 pounds Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Dead Sea Salt, Essential Oils, Food Coloring

Cherrios & Fruit Loops & Yarn

Felt Ginger Bread Men with lots of little teeny weeny bits and pieces

2 dozen pillow cases

2 NO-Shows ... 1 8year old with a bad case of the whines ... 18month old and a 3 year old ... What do you get?

The biggest mess possible ... and no crafts!  We did however get to pull a purple bead out of the 3 year old's nose! 

But hey they loved the Octopus Hot Dogs . And it only took 2 hours to vacuum all the cheerios up.

Projects completed:  -0-

On the brighter side I was right on target with my eating ... Breakfast was a green coffee smoothie, Lunch (for me) was 5 almonds and a string cheese (all I had time for) and dinner was a scoop of  roasted veggies and a slice of turkey breast ... just before falling into bed!


  1. I thought about you today when I saw a video on making a sugar body scrub for Christmas gifts. It was a simple diy that didn't require any talent, I may actually attempt it! It am intrigued about octopus hot dogs lol

    1. Sugar scrub? May need to look in to that ... I'm running out of time ... I'll have to get pictures posted of the octopus hotdogs LOL a few slices and then nuke it LOL