Friday, January 2, 2015

Black Eyed Peas & My feelings are almost hurt

First ... Happy New Years!

We all have family traditions, we may not know why we do them every year ... but we know something drastic will change forever if we give them up.  My family has always celebrated the New Year by eating Black Eyed Peas & Corn Bread.  My husband hated them!  For years and years, he would snarl up his nose and walk away ... but hey I have eaten black eyed peas every year since I could eat solid food. Its for good luck.  Imagine what would happen if I skipped a year! 

About 20 years ago, I got imaginative and made them into a soup ... BAM ... Success!  Hubby loved it!... Neighbors loved it! My girls loved it!  Took me hours of chopping, simmering and tasting... but I created a recipe that was a favorite.  For the next 7-8 years that we lived in that house ... our neighbors  would show up with their empty Tupperware bowls for MY SOUP!  My mother stopped making her peas because dad wanted mine ... even my brother would drive over the hill to come for my Black Eyed Pea soup.

Now I can't tell you in words how proud I have been all these years that my friends and family really and truly loved my soup.  I feed people!  That is what I have always done ... a true food pusher! When we had parties ... I made enough food for 3-4 gatherings ... NO ONE LEFT HUNGRY!

This year things are a bit different ...  I have changed my way of eating ... I eat clean real foods ... I don't use processed box foods or added sugar.   I'm mindful of everything I eat.  I made the decision that I would make my Black Eyed Peas one last time! But I would be mindful of the forbidden ingredients(Sugar) and leave them out.

Well I thought they turned out really good! Hubby loved them ... Daughter said they actually were better than ever.  However ...

I had my oldest daughter drop off the bowl for my parents on her way home ... and this morning I called to see if they wanted more ... hmm ... dad said ... "hun, don't let cissy make it next year ... she doesn't do it like you do, we told your brother not to bother coming"

So I'm sitting here wondering how I feel ... are my feelings hurt or is this just part of the new me?


  1. It's part of the new you! He'll get over it! :)

    cute pic!

    1. Thanks Gwen ... By this time next year I'm sure he will!

  2. Happy new year Feet! I hope this year is just best one yet. I missed your posts! I think it's ok to feel a bit hurt but like Gwen said, you'll get over it and be better for it. You have to stay true to your path and sometimes people don't get it. Why fix it if it ain't broken? Is what I've been told lol we usually have ham, boiled black eye peas, cornbread and greens.