Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What the hell?

How do you loose 100 pounds ... have great cholesterol levels ... and then have a heart attack? 

What the hell!

Not what I expected.  

Hubby is going to be fine ... but I guess we are going to have to do some re-evaluating of everything we have been doing. 


  1. OMG, I am SO sorry! (p.s. cholesterol levels ain't what it's cracked up to be. It's the TYPE of cholesterol; big fluffy is good, small sticky is bad. and it takes a special test to figure that out.) Wow, had his blood pressure been ok? Anyhow, I'm so sorry. :(

    p.s. he might not have 'going to be fine' or even SURVIVED, had he not lost the 100 lbs. Seriously. This is a blessing in disguise. :: hugs ::

  2. Gwen that is what I keep telling myself ... but let me tell you ... I feel like I have been attacked ... doctors, nurses and family members telling me that the "diet" is what almost killed him.

  3. WHAT? Seriously? That's ridiculous. Probably because of the fat/protein, I'm guessing? Ask the jackasses if they've ever heard about the paleo regime, how INTENTIONALLY skewed the Ansel Key's so-called study was that started the whole damned thing, etc. They are full of crap and it sickens me they are beating you (and your hubby) up over this. I would email Mark Sisson directly and ask for some guidance. :(

  4. I left you a comment and a big hug the day you posted and just realized it never posted :( I'm hoping things are better for yall don't listen to them Retha! Losing that weight most likely allowed him to survive. Sending you another big hug!

  5. Just checking back on ya, hope all is well.