Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So Many Blogging Moments

September was an awesome month ... lots of  ups and downs and ups again!

You know it was hubby's birthday on the 2nd.

Then my mom's birthday ... her 81st! on the 13th.             

We celebrated the day with a NOT SO Surprise Tea Party.  We played dress up . Wore really fancy  hats,  lots of jewelry, scarves and even feathers!  We had Lots and Lots of food ... temptations everywhere ... Scones ... 4 different Tea Sandwiches, cake, cupcakes, cookies, candies ... sweets sweets and more sweets... sugar & wheat everywhere ... SURPRISE I did not eat a bite!   Secret: I weighed when I got up and was down  227.2 ... oh my, so not a single bite of that food looked appealing... not a single bite! It was the best day ever! I know Mom figured something was up when I had her make her famous chicken salad a few days before, but when my dad found out that my "favorite" Cousin "GC" was here from Kentucky, he put his foot down and said I could not hog her for two whole days before the party, so we had to tell her about the party ... but we withheld the guest list... and wow was she thrilled as each person arrived!   Best day ever!!!!  Did I say that already? 

Look at my  grand sons!!!   My daughter set them up with their own tea service!!! They were so cute!  I wish there were pictures of the little one drinking from the tea pot while the water was coming out the spout down his back but we were laughing too hard to stop and take pictures.

   Best day EVER! 

 And to top it off 5 awesome days hanging with GC!!!  

 Now fast forward to the 23rd and its MY Birthday.                Weight: 225.2 (down)

Hubby and I decided that we were going to take the Grandson's out to dinner ... just the 4 of us!  Oh my ... that did not turn out to be the sweet memory we were hoping for!  Worse service ever!!! I mean BAD!  The idiotic server put a scalding hot platter down in front of the 16 month old and said don't touch its hot ... the jerk was using potholders and he assumed the baby would listen?  O.M.G.  I grabbed that plate in the nick of time and burnt myself!  WORSE SERVICE EVER! 

The next night my oldest daughter and her hubby took us out to dinner at a local steak house... and they surprised me with 2 bottles of my favorite wine they found while they were on vacation in Michigan.  Score!!!  Now if I can just convince my Sister in Law to fly out and share it with me!!!  Next morning weight:  224.6  (down)

Birthdays over ... house is back to normal ... I'm feeling good ... I'm loving the new number on the scale ...  But ...

Friday September  26th ... hubby goes out for poker night ... and I make myself a nice dinner, then sit down to watch the season premier of Grey's Anatomy since hubby isn't home.  Then it hits ... hunger!!  I'm Seriously hungry ...and the grazing begins ... a handful of almonds here ... a couple slices of turkey there... couple of pieces of cheese & lets throw in a pickle or two ... couple of olives ... Damn I'm hungry !!! 


I know ... I need RETAIL THERAPY!  So send out a S.O.S and my oldest daughter comes to the rescue ... when she asks where ... I say anywhere but Lane Bryant!   She took me to J.C. Penny's ... I have not shopped at Penny's since I was a girl!  I think the last time I fit something at Penny's I was a girl scout no I was  a brownie!

We shopped until even her feet hurt! I had so much fun trying on clothes  ... I mean a ton of clothes ...  I had a ball!

So now its the first ... and I'M STILL HUNGRY

Well shit  today's number is the one that gets logged ... Weight: 228.8 (up)   
 Well here's the stats:
1/10/14 - 278.8
2/1/14 - 268.4
3/1/14 - 265.6
4/1/14 - 261.4
5/1/14 - 251.2
6/1/14 - 247.0
7/1/14  -244.6
8/1/14 - 237.2
9/1/14 - 232.2
10/1/14 - 228.2 -50lbs

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