Thursday, October 23, 2014

Who am I to talk?

I'm at that point in my weight loss, that its noticeable.   I'm asked a lot ... "what are you doing?  What program are you using?"  I love the fact that the weight loss is noticeable.  I love the compliments, especially the sincere ones ... but I'm beginning to really dread the questions... I almost want to say ... "here read this and figure it out for yourself".

But then I open my mouth and  I tell them you know it took me 56 years to finally figure it out. The FDA and The Diet Food Industry have fed us with a bunch of lies, whether intentional or not they are lies!!!  Un-Truths!  Misguided?  Intentional?  Yes ... I climb my soap box ... then I share that I don't count calories, I don't count carbs, I don't measure my food, I still eat as much as I want, I do not use portion control, I'm still a volume eater...I am NEVER EVER hungry! I eat Lots of food, I can eat out ... even fast food!

You know you have them .. you can see the excitement ... but then when I tell them I don't eat anything made from or with WHEAT, CORN, RICE or SUGAR ... "Oh low carb... you know that light that was just in their eyes? its gone.  "oh I couldn't do that"

I get so frustrated soon as those words are out of my mouth ... they stop listening.  I guess they were hoping for a magic pill or something.

I get a lot of "What's left?  Lettuce and bacon?" and my favorite "oh it's expensive to eat that way".  Then the snide remarks ... "Oh, you know Dr. Atkins died"  I have to tell myself to not take it personally ... they just don't get it ... and they won't until they do.  I didn't. 

I have to remind myself ... who do I think I am???  Just because this is working for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone ... does it?  That's right I'm special!   I am special because I get it!

Okay ... Rant over ... I feel better ... well until next time!  






  1. I understand that frustration! I get the same response and remarks for people about calorie counting and portion control which is what I've been doing so far! The search for the magic pill will never end for some!

  2. It doesn't matter how you lost weight or how much healthier you feel. Other people will always find a reason why what you're doing is wrong or how it won't work for them. They don't want it to be something they can do themselves.