Friday, October 10, 2014

On Track

Friday ... and its been a good week.

Food has been right on track... no slips ... nothing to regret ... scale didn't growl at me this morning like it was last week ... I'm feeling good.  Surprisingly I upped the fat in my meals and I have noticed that I'm satisfied sooner and eating less. Weird but hey I will continue doing it as long as it works.

Got my flu shot Wednesday and now my arm is stiff and swollen, it was my excuse to skip the workout last night ... hubby decided to use my arm as his excuse too ... which just means he will work us twice as hard tonight.

I have a few challenges coming up ... Tomorrow I'm have lunch with my childhood friend... typically that would mean sitting for a couple of hours enjoying a leisure lunch and dessert. 

I have an over abundance of clothes that I need to donate ... piles all over the house ... 20 years worth.  Its not like I'm attached to any of it, I just have a fear that what if?  What if I don't keep it off?  What if I yo-yo back up to my starting weight or heaven forbid higher?

One part of me says that if I keep the "fat pants" I would not have to acknowledge the weight gain that I could just comfortably slip right back in ... and another part says that if I do start gaining that I will have to spend all that money all over again.  So do I donate?  Do I store them?

Either way I have to take my house back this week! 

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  1. I have seen success in my life from upping healthy fat in my diet resulting in exactly what you described - feeling full longer! Oh, I know that clothes dilemma all too well...I gave away my really fat clothes. But, I keep stuff that will fit me 20 pounds bigger because life happens...