Friday, October 24, 2014

End of Week 1

Well I weighed in this morning at 224.8 ... not the stunning number I saw earlier in the week ... but its down a tad.

Last week I promised myself I would get 3 good walks in ... that didn't exactly pan out.  I don't guess you need to hear all of my excuses.  Even to me they were pretty lame, and believe me I can get creative!  But I did get two good workouts done on the Total Gym.  I've modified my routine to accommodate my shoulder.  And that seems to be working. 

 I got the stationary bike all dusted off and finished up both of the workouts with 15 minutes on it. 

So this week ... I am going to increase my riding that bike ... I have 3-1 hour shows recorded and I'm going to save them to watch while on that bike that is so dusted,  clean and shinny.  You know I have had that bike since March, and it only has 102 miles logged on it.  Now that is a shame ... so my goal is to get those peddles moving and bring that number up to a respectful number before hubby sees that I haven't used it like I promised I would.  This is the third stationary bike that I have bought. At least this one folds up and can be moved out of the way.  Now I do have to say ... not once have I used it as a coat hanger!!! 
Also this week I am going to try to up my planks from 2 1-minute holds to 4 1-minute holds ... you know those damn things will kill a person ... but there is something so satisfying in actually doing it!
(sorry no picture of my plank)

My eating has been spot on ... no cravings ... no hunger ... no miss-steps.  Don't know why the scale wasn't cooperating with me today.  I would like to blame it on the cold meds but I know that's just wishful thinking. 

Until next time!!! 

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