Sunday, October 5, 2014

I'm going to beat this!

It's noon and I'm determined I'm going to kick butt and get out of this funk!

My groceries were delivered yesterday ... yes I know I would burn more calories if I shopped in person but I love  

I have all the veggies washed, chopped and prepped for the week ... I have the meat chopped seasoned and divided ready to go.

Everything is ready for the smoothies!

This morning I have already been for a 2 mile walk with the grand-kids and #2 daughter (that is by birth not preference)  I actually ran - jogged about 1/2 mile today ... Me who would not participate in any sport or P.E. class ... ran ... and the only one chasing me was a 3 year old! 

Our route takes us through a park ... that we always stop and let the boys play ... well this granny discovered something really cool today ... I fit in the slide!   Yep ... wish I had a picture of that to post for you ... now that is an accomplishment!

So I'm shaking off the blues and I'm going to make this week count! 

I'm going to be 100% on plan eating ... 

I'm going to work out on the total gym 3 times ...

I'm going to take 2 more walks maybe a little jogging ... 

I am not going to let myself get dragged down by the numbers on the scale!

I'm going to have a good week!  

I'm going to be positive!

You watch me!

And it's only noon!!!

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