Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Still don't like fish

September 2, 2014                                                                                                            232.2 lbs  
Happy Birthday To My Hubby

Well it was a great weekend ... Family BBQ Sunday to celebrate hubby's birthday ... he turned 58.  He really enjoyed his pre-birthday day, but we put him to work!  He grilled his butt off ... had both grills going and he was a pro!  Stuffed Mushrooms, Scallops, Oysters, Mahi-Mahi (with a peach-mango salsa) Pork tenderloins, Tri-Tip and the kids favorite Hot Dogs.  It was a meat-lovers feast!  We did have a few sides but the meat was the main attraction! 

Sliced tomatoes from Grandpa’s garden, cut watermelon, fresh strawberries, roasted veggies, asparagus and the best pear salad that my sister in law brought.  It was a feast fit for royalty!
 I’m not a fan of sea-food but dang it all looked so good and everyone was raving about it I even tried the mahi mahi … oh no … still not a fan!

I was really concerned about what the reactions were going to be to no pasta salads, chips, and all the fattening munchies that I normally put out … no bread, no buns, no beans and let me tell you I make a mean pot of beans.  I think the only one that noticed was my 7 year old niece when there wasn’t a bun for her ½ bottle of ketchup that she adds to her hot dog.  

We did have a birthday cake.  Sinfully chocolate!  How do you celebrate a birthday without cake?  This was the subject of a few debates!  We both agreed that there was no way we wanted to make a substitute cake with the “proper flours” that we see posted on so many blogs.  Early on in this Journey we both agreed to not try to make substitutes for the foods that got us here in the first place.  Face it if they taste good, we would over indulge in it too!  We need to avoid those foods all together!  So my daughter was given the task of providing the cake!  Was it beautiful!  Yes I had a sliver right along with everyone else … 2 bites worth!!!  And guess what???? It was not anything to blog about!  Give me the roasted veggies any day!  
So this month’s total weight loss … 5 lbs.  I’m very satisfied with that number. I took me 2 days to mean it... But, remember it’s a journey not a foot race!   

Total weight loss to date: 46 lbs

Keep it simple.
Keep it real.
Keep it natural.
Keep doing it!