Friday, March 6, 2015

We can all sit at the same table

Just spent three awesome days away from home ... hubby and I went to the annual Carpet Convention ... Now doesn't that just sound ubber exciting?  Well it was in Reno after all! 

I was so worried about staying on program while we were there ... but breakfast was easy.  Each morning they  set up a beautiful buffet and I will admit to filling my plate with more bacon than I normally would eat ... and with what was equivalent to one scrambled egg with cheese.  And don't forget the real butter and cream for my coffee!  The butter in my coffee got quite a few startled looks and it started quite a few conversations with our table mates. 

Lunch was an entirely different affair ... we were served a small dinner salad ... maybe a cup of lettuce 1 cherry tomato 1 cucumber slice and about 50 croutons covered in a creamy dressing that was unidentified ... so we skipped the salad and ignored the golden rolls!  Then the entree arrived!  Plopped right down in front of me.   It was a masterpiece!!!  A plate of some kind of curly noodles with chicken leg /thigh smothered in some kind of  gravy.  I have to say the presentation was gorgeous... the way they had it plated was stunning ... but it was the most unappetizing looking thing I seen.  Hubby and I looked at each other and smiled ... and said good by to our  table mates and we took a walk. 

Each night we opted to skip the festivities ... knowing what a feast they have always provided and how freely the drinks have always been in the past. SO eating was actually spot on ... considering that we ate food we did not prepare ourselves .

I was asked how I can stand to go through the buffet and not grab some of the waffles, or pastries ... let me tell you they were beautiful!  But they were in no way desirable!  The lady that I was talking to was actually apologizing for what was on her plate ... she was saying how she knows how hard it is to resist when you are sitting right next to it.  I had to think about it ... but OMG I didn't want any of that.  I could admire how pretty the display was ... and how artfully they had the table set up ... but I did not want any of it.  I WANTED THE BACON!

You know the last Convention that I went to one of the lunches that they sat in front of me was a fish concoction ... eyeballs and all ... I was ANGRY ... I did not have time to go find another meal ... I spent the rest of the day hungry and angry... This year it was no big deal ... Hubby and I said okay we can IF til dinner. And you know it wasn't a big deal.

You know what else was different?  Hubby and I could sit next to each other in the shuttle from the hotel to the convention center and neither one of us were uncomfortable ... and there wasn't one chair that I didn't fit comfortably.  And speaking of the convention center ... I did not need to sit once!  6 hours of continuous walking and standing and I never looked for a chair!

On the way home hubby said he was surprised at how comfortable I acted... I was engaged and outgoing.  And you know I was...  I was comfortable ... confident ... I did not stand behind hubby and let him do all of the talking... I was actually present!

This morning I stepped on the scale ... DOWN !!!  207.6

Now the most exciting news that I can share is 13 days ago my daughter committed to give up grains, starches and added sugar ... and this morning she announced she is down 13 pounds!!! 

Life is good! And its just getting better!


  1. ALL ABSOLUTELY KICK ASS FABULOUS NEWS! Your family is literally transforming. I hope you are taking photos of the journey. :)

    YAY YOU!

  2. Gwen we are !!! It is really exciting ... thanks Gwen!

  3. That's wonderful! Great job all around! Thanks to you I am now craving some bacon! Glad you're back to posting, missed ya :)