Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why our Tradition needs to change

 For the last week I have been searching blogs and Pinterest to find alternatives to our normal Traditional menu ... My hubby and I are the only ones that are on a Low Carb -High Fat - no Sugar - No Grains -Real Food program ... however since hubby & I cook a good portion of the meal ... I would like to create a new traditional menu that we can feel good about sharing and one that will satisfy everyone's need to indulge or if I'm honest over-indulge. And I don't want anyone to leave feeling cheated of their holiday.
Our Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

We usually have dinner at my mom's house, because mom doesn't decorate for Christmas much anymore ... so ... we have Thanksgiving at her house and Christmas at mine.... Mom & Dad actually live just around the corner (18 houses away) ... so my hubby and I do most of the cooking at home while he is watching the Lions loose ... Oh I mean play ... Dinner usually starts about 2 o/clock when hubby gets done crying about the Lions Game... (you know what the "L" really stands for right?)

So we cook:
Hubby's Beer Can Turkey ... 2 at least ... The  Best Bread Stuffing Ever ... Mashed Potatoes & scratch Gravy ... Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots ... Fresh baked bread
Cranberry sauce from scratch. Then my daughter brings the Green Bean Casserole and my SIL brings Candied Yams and then my mom makes  Granny's Cornbread Stuffing Pickled Sweet Carrots and provides olives, pickles, nuts, crackers etc. AND depending on who mom loves the most at that moment LOL we will either have my favorite Eggplant casserole or my brother's favorite Corn Chowder and if we have both been attentive and sweet ... both!

Then once you have had your fill ... and I mean your fill of this ... while my daughters and I are washing dishes, they break out the deserts if  they haven't already snitched a plate full ... Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Pie, Humming Bird Cake, , Brownies, Buck-eyes, Banana Pudding, Apple Pie ... cookies ... fruit cake ... SEE's Candy (minus my favorite- it never makes it to the table)  then what ever my sister-in-law brings.  honestly this doesn't cover the list of sweets! 

Now I did mention that we start eating about 2 o/clock ... that's because we need time to be able to re-graze through everything one more time before we start dividing up the left-overs ... Now I haven't admitted to you that for every pecan pie that I take over to mom's I've made one for just hubby and I and left at home.  I don't have pictures to show you of the massive amounts of food that I take to mom's or the tons of food that I have stuffed in the back of the fridge just in-case I don't get enough left overs to bring home.

Is there any wonder why I weighed 278lbs last year?  Actually I think I gained a couple of pounds just writing about it!!!

I know I am not at a place in my eating that I can say its okay ... one day ... one meal ... it will be Okay!  Just last Sunday ... Hubby and I decided that we would buy some gluten free ... "healthy-fied" tortilla chips & salsa to eat while we watch the game ... the bag was 8 servings ... I ate the bag!  THE ENTIRE BAG!  And remember that I told you I have a talking scale?   Well that B#!@*$ called me out on it this morning ... 4 ... yes 4 pounds!!!!  222.2 lbs. 

Not really depressed-just really down... but working it out ... Have you read anything about Lipo-Light?  There is a Wellness Lounge here in town that are promoting it ... and I'm seriously thinking about it... what do you think?  I have an appointment to check it out.  


  1. Feet, that sound about like our thanksgiving here. Food to feed an army although there's less than 10 of us! Please tell me more about your talking scale, I may need one lol!

    1. Alati ... LOL ... Glad we aren't the only ones ... but this year it is scary ... I know I'm not in control. Let me tell you about that scale ... she is LOUD ... I did not know until recently that every morning when I jump on her ... my husband who is usually on the computer DOWNSTAIRS can hear every number that thing says!!! Thank God we are doing this diet/plan together so I haven't tried fudging the numbers ... the only place I have lied about my weight this year is on my drivers license!!! LOL and it says I still weigh 255 lbs ... LOL

    2. Girl, mine says 205 LOL. I thought she'd bust out laughing when I said so with a straight face ....bless my heart

  2. same kind of thanksgiving traditional meal here.

    haven't heard about that operation/procedure, whatever it is.

    Good luck on that scale. :)

  3. Hey there!! Just found your blog through your friends' blogs:)

    I am a nurse and used to work for a Dr. who did lipo suction...
    I would super super strongly recommend doing other things first before you try it..although I think you have. Feel free to get in touch with me ( I promise I am not trying to promote myself...it's just that I don't know a better weight loss program than what I do--and it has always worked...) before you make any decisions :)

    You're awesome, glad I found your blog!! Good luck!

  4. p.s. if you haven't emotionally worked out your issues with food, surgery will NOT have a lasting effect. That much I know for sure. I think surgery should be a last resort, AND only after your are emotionally healed from any Eating Disorder or disordered way of dealing with food. I'm just being honest here...

    1. Hey Gwen ... the Lipo-Light is not surgery ... it is a body shaping system that uses LED lights ... it is non invasive. And I agree totally with your statement ... I did sign up for a 12 week program ... no surgery ... I'm looking at it as an enhancement to my existing eating and exercise program ... kinda like getting a facial ... its not going to change my life ... but it sure feels good.

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