Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tis the day before Thanksgiving and the kitchen is clean!

I'm sure that today is the last day I can say that until next year!

Tomorrow officially starts the chaos at our house ... when the Turkey is put away, the Christmas madness starts ... the Christmas boxes are already downstairs ready to be unpacked.  I absolutely LOVE Christmas decorations!  I love the all the little bits of glitter ... the tinsel ... bows ... bright colors ... we definitely go a bit over the top.  The lights are already up outside ... and we will finally plug them in tomorrow.  HOA be damned!

We are having Thanksgiving at my mom & dad's house just around the corner. We have tweaked the menu to make it plan friendlier ... We have added a few things and deleted a few ...

Its still going to be a lot of food, too much food actually but I am hoping that everyone enjoys the new additions and doesn't mind the missing favorites ... and maybe just maybe we can cut back on the "won't touches" next year. 

What I'm really excited about is ... This weekend... big plans ... We are having a Christmas Craft day!  We will have 5 little ones at the house making Christmas Presents, Place-mats, Baskets/Bowls, Bath-Bombs, and a bunch of other goodies.   Ages 18mo-7year.  Pray for us! We have 90,000 Perler beads ready!  See why I know my kitchen will not be clean again?

Last year I opened my mouth and said we really should have a home-made Christmas ... I begged and badgered everyone in to agreeing that "IF" you are going to exchange a gift with an adult it has to be hand/home-made.  Cool right?  12 months later?  Not so cool!  I have 1 gift made ... Almost. 

Hubby is making Checker Boards for the guys, I was making re-useable machine washable shopping bags ... but that bored me to tears... so I'm on the hunt for a new idea... 


Well I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving ... hug your family tight ... make lots of memories and remember that a moment on your lips and forever on your hips!!!! 



  1. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!

  2. Happy thanksgiving! Hope you'll have a great day. The crafts sound fun!

    1. Thanks Alati ... Hope your day is great too! I will let you know how the craft day turns out!

  3. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving; I know you will! Your methods of cutting back that you commented to me are beyond stellar!

    I love Xmas too...can't wait to start decorating on Saturday! Love ya!

    1. Gwen I love stealing Xmas decorating ideas ... so don't forget to post pics!!!